Walking Haunted London

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Walking Haunted London
London has the reputation of being the most haunted capital in the world. In this edition of this bestselling Walking Haunted London, Richard Jones takes you on a spine-chilling journey through eerie and, in many cases, forgotten parts of the city and invites you to share - if you dare - in its haunted and mysterious past.

Full-colour photographs capture the spooky treasures tucked behind hidden corners, while clear easy-to-follow route maps highlight places of special interest. Walking Haunted London is without doubt the definitive guidebook to the haunted places of London.

Includes twenty-five original, spooky walks and tours in and around London with information on dates and times when ghosts are most likely to appear, practical data on opening times and transport and an easy to follow route map for each walk.

Published 2015 IMM Lifestyle Books