National Trail Overview Planning Map

If you want to attempt one of the 15 National Trails you will know that planning is key. You can’t just walk the route in one day! Where do you start? Where do you finish? Where do you pitch the tent?

A-Z's new National Trail Overview Maps have been designed to help with the initial planning stages. The full National Trail routes are marked on A-Z's clear 2.5 miles to 1" road mapping which features A roads, B roads, towns, villages and a wide range of Points of Interest. The maps also feature useful information such as the start and finish coordinates and a scale bar for working out how far you could be walking in one day.

Printed on 140gsm paper, available in two formats - paper or laminated (perfect for making notes on using a water based marker).

Trail Width Height
Cleveland Way 58.8cm  40 cm
Cotswold Way 40cm 65.1cm
Glyndwr's Way 58.8cm 46.2cm
Hadrian's Wall Path 90.4cm 33.8cm
North Downs Way 105.2cm 39.65cm
Offa's Dyke Path 65.4cm 132.8cm
Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path 71.4cm 58.8cm
Pembrokeshire Coast Path 52.5cm 49cm
Pennine Bridleway 52.7cm 115.6cm
Pennine Way 56.3cm 123.8cm
South Downs Way 90.4cm 40.1cm
South West Coast Path 128.3cm 69.8cm
Thames Path 101.8cm 46.5cm
The Ridgeway 71.4cm 46.8cm
Yorkshire Wolds Way 46.3cm 52.5cm

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